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Experience animals at any of these top-notch zoos in Australia, from close koala interactions to conversations with exhilarating crocodiles. Australia is blessed with a remarkable variety of wildlife and many sites to view. Zoos, wildlife parks, and sanctuaries are ideal for travelers on a tight schedule, families with young children, or people who simply wish to experience the natural icons together. Zoos in Australia allow visitors to see animals safely and up close, unlike in the wild. Most Australian zoos provide wildlife interactions and tours to make your visit more memorable. Furthermore, considering Australia has strict animal welfare legislation, you can visit with confidence that the moral norms will be excellent. Tour Australia Zoo to experience over 1,200 animals, featuring those in African Savannah, South-East Asia display, and Bindi's Island - in addition to the classic zoo with all your Aussie classics!

Top Zoos in Australia

Taronga Zoo Entry Ticket

Magnificent Taronga Zoo, One of the top-rated zoos in Australia, invites you to visit. Prepare to be amazed by the astonishing 350 types of animals. The zoo is home to almost 5,000 wild creatures thriving in their natural environment. You will be able to observe the Australian zoo's incredible wildlife and take advantage of restricted keeper discussions, demonstrations, and entrance to the Sky Safari cable car.

Melbourne Zoo Ticket

For a day, get away from the busy metropolis of Melbourne and explore the most admired zoos in Australia, where you can see 300 distinct types of wild animals. The Australian Bush exhibit features native Australian animals such as koalas, wombats, and kangaroos, as well as the exceedingly uncommon and threatened Sumatran Tiger and Orang-utan. Melbourne Zoo, a branch of the Australian Zoo, is not simply an animal exhibition; it interacts with these exceedingly magnificent and impressive animals.

Healesville Sanctuary Tickets

If you're on vacation and want to see Koalas, Kangaroos, Harriot, Earl, Emu, pelicans, Heron, Tasmanian Devils, Wombats, and a red-tailed cockatoo, head to Healesville. This Australian zoo additionally offers a hospital for sick and injured animals. The free content shows produced by the nature preserve are the main draw here. For animal enthusiasts, the Healesville Sanctuary is arguably the most popular zoo in Australia.

Werribee Zoo Tickets

Werribee Open Range Zoo has brought the African Savannah to Australia, only 30 minutes from Brisbane's CBD! Take a safari journey through several topographical areas with your Australia Zoo Tickets, spotting gorgeous giraffes, Przewalski's horse, bison, rhinoceros, and gazelles along the route. Throughout your tour, you'll discover Werribee Open Range Zoo's conservation initiatives to ensure the survival of these species in the future.

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is a well-known and often visited zoo in Australia. With your Australia Zoo Tickets, spot the famous, lush gardens and magnificent species worldwide. Asian, Australian, and South American animals are among the many species. The atmosphere is ideal, and the surroundings are designed to be suited for all types of animals. The Australian Zoo provides excursions that provide perspectives on the life of animals, such as the Elephant Walk, Rhinoceros Tours, and Zebra Car Tour.

Featherdale Wildlife Park (ONM)

Featherdale Wildlife Park is an Australian Zoo in Doonside that houses a variety of Australian exotic birds and mammals. There are also a few reptiles and marsupials to be found. You will be able to interact with the wildlife and serve them throughout your trip to one of the top zoos in Australia. The most excellent part about this wildlife park is that you may have up-close and personal interactions with the animals.

Wellington Zoo, New Zealand (ONM)

The Wellington Zoo is home to around 500 local and foreign endangered animals in the city's green town belt. Wellington Zoo, New Zealand's first zoo, is a hillside conservation zoo in Australia that provides guests with a feeling of wonder and reverence for the environment and a belief in the importance of animal and human interaction. Visit the Zoo Shop for the perfect keepsake and savor a variety of great refreshments and snacks from REX Tremendous and banana bar.


Where is the largest zoo in Australia?

Taronga Zoo Sydney, Australia's leading zoo, is located in the heart of Sydney Harbour on a prime land estate. Taronga Zoo's animal inhabitants have not only amused thousands of visitors over its far more than 100-year history, but the zoo has also developed into a global hub for preservation, learning and research.

What Is Special About Zoos in Australia?

Zoos in Australia allow you to observe animals more securely and up close than you would in the natural world. Most Australian zoos provide wildlife encounters and excursions to make your visit more memorable. Australia is home to an unbelievable range of wildlife, and there are plenty of locations to applaud it. Zoos, wildlife parks, and sanctuaries are ideal for tourists on a tight schedule, families with young children, or those who merely want to see native animals' icons around each other.

Which zoo has the widest variety of animals in Australia?

Taronga Zoo houses around 2600 unique animals of approximately 340 different kinds. Inspect out its frequent family amusement. Wild Life Sydney at Darling Harbour is yet another spot in the New South Wales capital where you can get up close and personal with Australian animals.

How many zoos are there in Australia?

There are an estimated 150 privately financed zoos and fishes functioning in Australia, which tend to range from small, on occasion underwhelming and operated compilations of pens and wire cages to huge modern amenities with norms of exhibition and domestication equivalent to any of the region's public zoos.

Which zoo is best for kids in Australia?

Whether you want to see local Australian animals or exotic ones from around the world, Australia's various zoos and wildlife parks have it all. People from Brisbane, Melbourne, South Wales, Australia, the ACT, Northern Territory, and Hobart, as well as any place in between, can enjoy lions, rhinos, rabbits, marsupials, rhinos, wild dogs, armadillos, and many more animals.


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