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About Dubai Safari Park Tickets

With your Dubai Safari Park Tickets, you can head to the world-famous Dubai Zoo and take a thrilling exploration tour of the whopping 119-hectare animal sanctuary. You can take a tour of the 6 different zones of the park - Asian, Arab, African, Al Wadi, Kids Farm and the Explorer Village in an eco-friendly vehicle and spot more than 250 species of unique animals, including gazelles, komodo dragons, moon bears, Arabian Wolves, lions, waterbucks, flamingos, baboons, and Nile crocodiles.

Not only this, but by booking the Dubai zoo safari tickets, you can enjoy a myriad of awe-inspiring experiences including elephant ride and giraffe feeding. You can also watch a number of interesting and interactive live shows, including The Bird Show, Amazing Creatures of the World Show, and Birds of Prey Show.For a comfortable and convenient tour of the park, you are recommended to book your safari park Dubai ticket online in advance. Pre-booking your Dubai Safari Park Tickets will not only offer you early skip-the-line access, but will also make your trip affordable with exciting deals and discounts.

Explore the Dubai Safari Park

African Village

One of the main attractions to explore with your Dubai Safari Park Tickets is the African Village, where you can see the smallest to largest mammals of Africa, starting from the meerkat to the African elephant. Some of the birds that you can spot in this village include peacock, White Crested, Blue Crowned Pigeon, and Rainboo lorrikeet.

Arabian Desert Safari

Include the Arabian desert safari in your Dubai safari zoo tickets and get a chance to spot a plethora of indegenous animals of the Arabian Peninsula. Some of the common animals you can spot on this safari include Arabian Wolf, Arabian Oryx, Addax, Arabian gazelle, Sand gazelle, Mountain gazelle, and Scimitar-horned Oryx.

Asian Village

The Asian Village showcases the well-preserved diverse culture and ornate architecture of Asia, which can be explored with the safari park Dubai ticket. Packed with pristine ponds and picturesque forests, this place lets you spot a wide variety of Asian animals including Moon Bear, Gibbon, Southern Cassowary, and Mandarin Duck. You can also go for the Amazing Creatures of the World show and see the animals showcasing their natural behaviors.

Explorer Village

With the Dubai safari zoo tickets, take a drive-through trip to the Explorer Village, one of the prime attractions of the Dubai Safari and spot a number of native animals including cheetah, hippo, Striped Hyena, Axis Deer, Scimitar-horned Oryx, and Sable antelope. You can also enjoy giraffe feeding and watch the impressive one-of-a-kind bird show during your safari here.

Tips to Visit

  • Make sure you wear decent clothing and comfortable shoes as the place mandates to keep the knees and shoulders covered.

  • Do not carry outside food and drinks into the zoo as outside eatables are strictly prohibited inside the place.

  • Do not carry alcoholic beverages inside the zoo.

  • You will be engaging in a lot of activities throughout the day. So make sure you keep yourself hydrated and apply sunscreen to safeguard your skin against the sun.

  • Remember to carry your hat and sunglasses as it may be hot inside the zoo.

  • Flash photography is not allowed inside the park.

  • Abstain from carrying bicycles, skateboards, scooters, balls, toy guns, and balloons inside the park.

  • In case of need, you can request for a wheelchair free of cost.

  • Abstain from feeding the animals from your side and abide by the instructions given by the animal caretakers/ trainers as feeding unsuitable food may make the animals sick.

  • Maintain the decorum of the zoo and abstain from making loud noises or teasing the animals.

Plan Your Visit

Essential Information
Best Time To Visit Dubai Safari Park
How to Reach
Interesting Facts About Dubai Zoo

Timings: Friday to Sunday - 9 AM to 5 PM, 6 PM to 12 AMMonday to Thursday - 9 AM to 5 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM

Location: 5CCW+H5 - Al Warqa 5 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

  • November to March: With the weather being pleasant and mild during this time of the year, the months between November and March are the best time to visit Dubai zoo.

  • April to May: This is the time when the weather is mildly hot. You can spot animals playing around and having fun during this time of the year.

  • June to August: This is the summer season, when the weather is hot and the chances of spotting the animals is minimum.

  • September to October: This is the transition period, marking the approach of the winter season. During this time, you can see the animals lazing around or mostly sleeping.

By Metro: The nearest metro station to the Dubai Zoo is the Creek Metro Stop. Once you reach here, you can take a taxi and reach the zoo in 15 minutes.

By Car: You can hire a taxi and reach the Dubai Zoo. You can reach the place through the Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street or the Al Awir/Ras Al Khor Road.

  • Spread across a vast area of a whopping 12.8 million sq. ft, the Dubai Zoo is twice the Vatican City in size.

  • The zoo houses more than 2,500 species of fascinating flora and fauna, all of which can be explored with the Dubai Safari Park Tickets.

  • The zoo features five villages sheltering unique diversities of animals that can be spotted by taking a safari in the eco-friendly vehicles available here.

  • The animals are kept in their own ecosystem, for example solar-powered waterfalls are artificially built for the tigers.

  • Dubai Zoo has the first drive-through crocodile exhibit in the world. Here, you can get up close with the threatening crocodiles in their own natural habitat.

  • The zoo hosts a number of interesting shows and interactive attractions including a cheetah racing track, giraffe feeding zones, and open-air theaters for reptile and bird shows.

  • The Wadi Village in the Dubai Zoo is another green initiative of the Dubai Municipality that houses solar-powered fishing ponds and water streams.


What’s the best time to visit Dubai Safari Park?

The best time to visit Dubai Safari Park is during the winter season, from the months of November to March. During this time of the year, the weather is cool and pleasant, perfect for moving around the park and exploring the fauna and flora with your Dubai zoo safari tickets.

How to reach Dubai Safari Park?

You can reach Dubai Safari Park by Metro or taxi. If you are taking a metro, alight at the Creek Metro Stop and take a taxi to reach the zoo in 15 minutes. If you are hiring a taxi, you can reach the zoo through the Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street or the Al Awir/Ras Al Khor Road.

Where Can I Book Dubai Safari Park tickets?

You can book the Dubai Safari Park Tickets online in advance from our website, for a convenient and hassle-free trip.

Do I need to book Dubai Safari Park tickets in advance?

Yes, you are recommended to book Dubai safari zoo tickets in advance. Booking your slot in advance will let you skip the line of entry and head directly into the zoo. It will also keep you from the worries of tickets being sold out for your preferred date and time. You can even get instant discounts when booking your Dubai Safari Park Tickets online. Not to forget, making online reservations will also keep you backed up with dedicated customer support throughout your visit to ensure a convenient and hassle-free tour.

What things can we do in the Dubai Safari Park?

  • Take a safari through the five villages of the park.

  • Watch the impressive bird show

  • Experience feeding giraffes out of your own hands

What facilities are available in the Dubai Safari Park?

  • Free parking spaces

  • Wheelchair on demand

  • Eco-friendly safari vehicle

  • Restrooms


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