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About Featherdale Wildlife Park Tickets

  • The Featherdale Wildlife Park is one of the most fascinating attractions in South Wales, and is vividly popular for its wide range of collection of Australia's unique species such as wombats, wallabies, and enormous reptiles.

  • The Park highlights the importance of these species, and allows for human interaction, by arranging for photography and feeding programs too.

  • Have a fun opportunity to feed the friendliest kangaroos and get clicked with the sleepy Koalas.

  • Featherdale is home to nearly 2000 native Australian creatures from more than 260 species, the Wildlife park is spread over an area of 7 acres.

  • The park has splendid zones dedicated to all kinds of animals and has been popular in the past for starting conservation movements in order to protect the depleting wildlife.

Why Visit Featherdale Wildlife Park

Book for Featherdale Wildlife Park Tickets and enjoy a fabulous chance of coming across some of the most eccentric and beautiful Australian wildlife, that is only unique to this island continent. The park is renowned for its conservation movements and active involvement in protecting endangered species, and one such successful event is the Quoll breeding program.

The most colorful Koala may be found in the park and tourists can enjoy a pleasant interactive experience with these animals. Have a great chance of feeding them and keep an eye out for the adorable kangaroos, which are renowned for being amiable. These marsupials are entertaining and sociable critters who make excellent photo posers.

Next on, don't miss out on the bird enclosures. The park has black-breasted buzzards to emus to little penguins, the park brings the most wide range of species, from different zones from across the globe.

Featherdale Wildlife Park (ONM) Animals


Your Featherdale Wildlife Park Tickets gives you a splendid chance to meet and greet the cute Koalas, which are intrinsic to the Australian continent. Have a fabulous chance to get clicked with Koalas, which costs around 25 dollars for your whole family. You can have a fun chat session with the Koala keeper, and learn intriguing facts about them as well.


The kangaroos are other groups of extremely cute animals that you will discover in your Featherdale Wildlife Park Tickets . These Marsupial animals are fun and friendly creatures, and are great posers for a picture. You can also feed these cute animals and have a fun chat session with their keepers too.


The Featherdale Wildlife Park Tickets gives you an amazing chance to have a glimpse of Australia's most impressive birds collection. Black-breasted buzzards, emus, and little penguins are just a few of the many species that may be seen in the park, which represents many geographical regions. Discover the crucial role the park plays in preserving the threatened species.


With your Featherdale Wildlife Park Tickets, you have a great opportunity of seeing some of the most colorful reptiles in addition to marsupials. A sizable collection of frogs, snakes, lizards, pythons, turtles, monitor lizards, and spiders may be found at the reptile pavilion. Discover the Tapian exhibit as well, which has the most venomous snake on earth. Obtain a personal chance to interact with a snake.

Endangered & Vulnerable

The Featherdale Wildlife Park Tickets focuses on, bringing over 30 endangered animals species such as Tasmanian Devils, Southern Cassowary, Greater Bilbies, Quolls. These creatures and their unique aura, is less appreciated. Take your time in knowing about the importance of these animal species in the food chain and feel free to ask questions.

Facts about Featherdale Wildlife Park

  • In your Featherdale Wildlife Park Tickets you will discover that this sanctuary has the largest collection of Koalas, in the entire new habitat of New South Wales.

  • Apart from animal visits, the park is so well renowned for its splendid birthday party and corporate event arrangements.

  • The park purley focuses on allowing humans to have fun and interactive sessions with the animals in enclosures. You can participate in feeding programs and also have a fabulous chance of getting clicked with them.

  • Learn more about the zoo’s very own ‘Featherdale ZOOm’, which inspires and motivates young talents more towards the field of wildlife photography. This course is conducted by the very renowned June Andersen, whose photos are pretty famous.

  • Another interesting fact is the park’s active involvement in conserving wildlife and other endangered species, and one of its active movements which gained immense success was the Quoll breeding program.

Plan Your Visit

Essential Information
How To Reach
Best Time To Visit
Insider Tips

Opening Hours - (20-30 words) - 9am - 4pm

Location - (10-20 words) - 217 Kildare Rd, Doonside NSW 2767, Australia

Via M4:In Eastern Creek, take Wallgrove Rd from the M4. Take the Western Motorway/M4 exit for Wallgrove Rd. Turn right into Wallgrove Rd after 1.1 kilometers in any lane. For a 1.6 kilometer right turn onto Great Western Hwy/A44, use the right two lanes. Take a 2.7 kilometer left turn onto Doonside Rd. To continue 500 meters down Doonside Rd, turn right. After turning right into Kildare Rd, travel about 1.4 km till you come to Featherdale on your left.

Via Public transport - Take the North Shore and Western line to Blacktown Station from the City. Just outside the station is bus stop E. After a 10-minute bus ride, get off at the stop that is just outside the Featherdale gates

The best time to visit the FeatherDale wildlife park is during the early morning hours. The park is relatively less crowded during this time, and allows one to visit and explore all the exhibits. Avoid visiting on weekends, as the crowds are highly crowded during that time.

  • The entire park has pavements therefore its wheelchair accessible. If you need the park to provide you a wheelchair, you will have to book it in advance.

  • The park has baby changing rooms and special washrooms for especially challenged abled people.

  • There are 2 picnic areas with tables that are open to guests at the park. You are free to bring your own food and enjoy it with your loved ones and friends in this designated area.


What animals does Featherdale have?

Featherdale is extremely popular for housing some of the most extrinsic and sought after Australian species. Some of the species are Koalas, Kangaroos, Tasmanian Devils, Greater Bilbies, Southern Cassowary, Quolls, world’s most deadly snake Taipan and more such awe-inspiring species that are extrinsic to the Australian continent.

Are Featherdale tickets available online?

Yes, featherdale Sydney wildlife park tickets are available on our website. You can book them in advance to enjoy amazing offers and inclusions.

Where is Featherdale Wildlife Park located?

217 Kildare Rd, Doonside NSW 2767, Australia

Where can I book Featherdale Wildlife Park tickets?

You can book featherdale sydney wildlife park tickets online from our website to get special offers and discounts.

Is Featherdale Wildlife Park open on public holidays?

The park is open every day from 9am - 4pm.

The park is open every day from 9am - 4pm.

The best time to visit the FeatherDale wildlife park is during the early morning hours. The park is relatively less crowded during this time, and allows one to visit and explore all the exhibits. Avoid visiting on weekends, as the crowds are highly crowded during that time.


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