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About Zoologico Guadalajara Tickets

Zoologico Guadalajara tickets will give you an experience of everything you need for a great day out - a zoo, an aquarium, a safari, and an interactive museum. Embark on this amazing journey with your Zoologico Guadalajara tickets as you take the Sky Zoo cable car and view the zoo's stunning architecture. Look at animal and plant life from above, and enjoy the spectacular view of the Huentitán canyon.

Check out the amazing sharks and the daring individuals that prefer to swim with them at the Guadalajara Aquarium. Get your Zoologico De Guadalajara tickets and take the Masai Mara Safari to see amazing wild animals wandering freely. Stroll through the Monkey land and Baboon valley as you get up and personal and watch the animals play. Take a closer look at the reptiles like crocodiles, anacondas, and more at the Herpetario. As you pass through the rainforest, watch the friendly chimpanzees and orangutans, and lastly enjoy the sight of the beautiful White lions, polar bears, and Bengal Tigers.

Why Visit Zoologico Guadalajara?

The Zoologico Guadalajara is the largest zoo and most popular tourist attraction in Jalisco, Mexico. The zoo is home to over 2000 animals and birds of 360 different species. Here you can find a wide range of wild African, and Asian animals, aquatic animals and exotic birds too. The Zoo is a combination of fun-filled activities and adventure and lets you explore and get personal with your favorite animal.The Zoological de Guadalajara tickets will give you a lifetime of experience all under one roof. Visiting the zoo can be so much fun as you start with the sky zoo cable car ride and take a view of all the animals and birds below you. Experience the interactive sessions and feeding activities that you can enjoy at the zoo. Walk through the reptile zone that has over 70 species to view. Learn about rainforests at the Selva Tropical zone and enjoy the affordable food available at the cafes at the Zoologico Guadalajara.

Things to do at Zoologico Guadalajara

Explore Aquarium

The Guadalajara Aquarium will give you an experience no less than swimming in crystal-clear river waters on a gorgeous coral reef. Get the Zoológico de Guadalajara tickets and spot some amazing freshwater fishes like catfish, rays, and more. Marine fishes like trigger and clownfish can also be found here along with beautiful corals and predators like Sharks.

Take the Safari

With your Zoologico Guadalajara tickets, discover the African famous Masai mara safari in a special ride that will take 20 minutes. Experience the spectacular views as you spot the many animals and birds and learn about the wide range of animal species of savannah regions along with a peek into Masai village culture.

Discover Sky Zoo

A whole new experience to view the zoo is by taking the Sky Zoo cable car ride. The ride gives you an aerial view of the park and a glance at the wide range of creatures available there. Spot monkey land, wolves, lions and many other animals on your ride is only possible with Zoologico Guadalajara Tickets.

Explore Antarctica

Antarctica is known for the cute fun-loving Adelie and Gentoo penguins. Due to the fact that these creatures live in the coldest area, their habitat has been designed and modified to meet the requirements. This is because the birds can develop in an environment that is as similar to nature as possible.+. With your Zoologico Guadalajara Tickets , get a chance to interact with the friendly orcas.

Discover Amazon

Get the Zoológico de Guadalajara tickets and visit the exhibit in Zoologico Guadalajara which is located within the tropical forest. The zoo is exclusive to the macaw which is known to be one of the Psittacidae's most stunning and majestic species. Get a chance to see a flock of these stunning birds in the macaw habitat of Amazonia and capture some beautiful pictures with them too.

Explore the Monkeyland

The Monkeyland at Zoologico Guadalajara is a 5-acre land that houses a number of species from both the New and Old Worlds, Africa, and the Americas. Get your Zoologico de Guadalajara tickets and spend some time as you see the beautiful gorillas, Capuchin, Patas Monkey, and Ring-tailed Lemur and Squirrel Monkeys

Popular Animals at Zoologico Guadalajara

African lion

The fierce African lions are beautiful animals that are currently only found in sub-Saharan Africa. The male lion has a gigantic, thick mane that varies in color according to the individual's age, and the female lion has no mane and is smaller in size.

African elephant

The male African elephants are bigger than females, both sexes have highly developed, upward-curving incisor teeth, known as "fangs." Their trunk is longer as compared to the other species of elephants.

Spider monkey

The spider monkey is distinguished by the size of its tail and legs in comparison to its body size which makes them unique from other monkeys. The fur is often a dark, nearly black hue and can also be reddish brown, dark brown, or dark gray.

Polar Bear

Arctic areas in the north pole are home to polar bears, which have a maximum swimming speed of 6.5 km/hr and an average gestation lasts between 195 and 265 days.


The Rattle Snakes are well known for their rattle sound, a rattle, which is located on the tip of their tail and can grow up to a length of 2.5 metres. These snakes are generally found in the USA. The Skin of the Rattlesnakes fascinates the viewers with its bright yellow circles with black (diamond-like) markings in the middle


The Pumas are native to North America, and have the greatest range of any animal. Despite certain assaults, cougars are mostly regarded as harmless to humans.

Plan Your Visit to Zoologico Guadalajara

Essential Information
How to Reach
Know Before You Go

Timings: 9:30 am to 6 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Location: Av. Paseo del Zoo 600 ,Huentitán el Alto, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico CP 44390

By Car: The zoologico de Guadalajara is situated in Huentitán el Alto, and the best way to get to the zoo is by private vehicle or taxi, which will save you time and ensure a comfortable ride.

By Bus: Start from Central Nueva station with bus 646 to Los portales, then get out at "Lázaro Cárdenas" and "Gobernador Curiel" to get to Zoologico Guadalajara. Arrive to the Zoo station by taking the Macrobs.

  • The best way to enjoy your Zoologico Guadalajara Tickets is by booking it in advance online, so you can save time and enjoy them better.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and dress according to the weather.
  • Carry cash so you can access things with ease and transaction is not an issue.
  • For children under the Age of 2, entry into the zoo is free.
  • The Zoo offers seamless wheelchair and stroller accessibility almost everywhere. They have renting options for the same.
  • Bathrooms, cafes, picnic areas and souvenir shops can be easily accessed at the zoo.


What animals are in Guadalajara Zoo?

With your Zoologico Guadalajara Tickets, get a chance to see amazing animals like the African lion, pumas, coyotes, wildcats, badgers, foxes, deer, eagles, doves, grouse, sparrow hawks, and many snake species in the Guadalajara Zoo. Jalisco is also home to small creatures like raccoons and squirrels.

Where can I book?

Booking your Zoologico Guadalajara Tickets online is the best way to plan your day to enjoy one of the best zoos in Mexico. Booking online can get you access to some amazing deals, and gives you the advantage to book according to the date you are available.

Do I need to book Guadalajara Zoo Tickets in advance?

No, it is not necessary to book the Zoologico Guadalajara Tickets in advance. However, it is recommended to book the tickets in advance to save time at the zoo and get many offers and discounts.

How long should one spend at Guadalajara Zoo?

Visitors need to spend at least 2 hours in the Guadalajara Zoo. It is an amazing place to spend an entire day with friends and family as it’s the biggest zoo in Mexico.

What is the best time to visit Guadalajara Zoo?

The best time to visit Guadalajara Zoo is between October and December as the weather is dry and pleasant to enjoy your trip. It is advisable to visit the zoo early in the morning when there is less crowd and you can watch all the animals without any rush.

Is Zoologico Guadalajara worth visiting?

Yes, the Zoologico Guadalajara is a must-visit for being the largest zoo in Mexico. At this zoo, you can find creatures of all kinds, The zoo is home to over 2000 animals of 360 different species.


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