If you are looking for the best family-friendly wilderness experience during your stay in Italy, then the Zoom Torino Zoo, which mixes the concept of a zoo with an amusement park, is the ideal destination for you. Located in Cumiana, Turin, the massive zoological park is a relatively recent addition to the Italian tourism itinerary. Curated by experienced specialists, the zoo brings the world of Africa and Asia to life in the artificially recreated habitats of the wild residents.Meet more than 300 animals from around 80 various species brought in from all over the world. From animals like rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, giraffes, antelopes, tigers, zebras, gazelles, and many more to birds like penguins, ostriches, eagles, pelicans, and so on, the diversity of Zoom Torino Zoo is a fascinating sight to behold. And unlike regular zoos, visitors get to see the inhabitants in surroundings that mimic their natural homes and without the barriers of cages, making Zoom Torino an unparalleled zoo experience.While viewing animals and birds is pretty much all one is supposed to do at a zoo, Zoom Torino takes the wildlife experience up a notch with its special activities. Meet and chat with biologists, who are the keepers of the wild residents of the zoo, and garner valuable knowledge about the animals and birds and their habitats. Unique entertainment awaits you as you witness the ancient art of falconry, lounge at the zoo’s very own beaches, swim next to penguins and hippos, relish a memorable breakfast or enjoy cocktail drinks with giraffes, or witness the magic of an African jungle at night with your Zoom Torino entrance tickets.

Why Book Zoom Torino Tickets?

It is highly recommended that you book your Zoom Torino entrance tickets online, instead of waiting to purchase them at the zoo’s walk-in counters on D-Day. Buying tickets online not only saves your time but also allows you to avail of heavy discounts on ticket prices and explore combo packages that suit and even enhance your travel itinerary.

Eagle Zoom Torino
  • Experience travelling the world while exploring a zoo at Italy’s first bio-park. Tickets for Zoom Torino Zoo take you to a world where wildlife is clubbed with amusement park settings to create a unique family-friendly destination.
  • Meet 300 animals and birds belonging to more than 80 diverse species brought in from all over the world.
  • Explore habitats curated based on Asian and African elements like the islands of Sumatra and Madagascar and themed habitats like colonial Dutch farms and an amphitheatre of Petra.
  • A special experience awaits with your Zoom Torino entrance tickets as you witness the residents of the zoo with no barriers like bars or cages to separate them from you.
  • Chat with biologists who take care of the wild inhabitants and indulge in special experiences like the bird show, night safari, breakfast and evening cocktails with giraffes, and so on.
  • Choose the Zoom Torino Zoo tickets upgrade option to swim alongside African penguins and hippos at the two swimming pools of the zoo.
  • See the most popular animals and birds of the zoo, ranging from gibbons, hippos, giraffes, zebras, penguins, ostriches, eagles, and so many more, in their natural habitat.

Zoom Torino Zoo Habitats

The major highlight of Zoom Torino Zoo is the creation of Asian and African-inspired habitats to house the numerous diverse species of the zoo. Explore the nine habitats of the zoo with your Zoom Torino Zoo tickets, where you can see animals in setups that range from a colonial Dutch farm and an amphitheatre in Petra to an ancient abandoned temple and stunning recreations of Cape Town Beach, Madagascar, and Sumatra.

Camels in Zoom Torino Zoo
Baobab Farm

The Baobab Farm of Zoom Torino Zoo recreates a colonial-era Dutch farm, full of old-world structures that would transport you right back in time. To keep you company on this sub-Saharan farm in European Italy are the Watussi ox, Somali donkey, dromedaries, llamas, and ponies. Explore the classical houses and stables of the farm as you witness the unique horns of the giant Watussi ox and interact with the rare Somali donkey whose legs rival a zebra’s limbs. The ponies, llamas and dromedaries promise to provide memorably fun company as you indulge in the quaint charm of the Baobab Farm with your Zoom Torino entrance tickets.

Birds in Zoom Torino Zoo
Petra Amphitheatre

One of the seven wonders of the world, Petra has been a seat of civilization for centuries, and Zoom Torino has recreated the magnificence of this old city at the Petra Amphitheatre. An ancient art that dates back 4,000 years has been brought to life at this amphitheatre, which can be witnessed as part of your Zoom Torino entrance tickets. Witness the exhilarating art of falconry, which has been listed as a cultural patrimony of humanity by UNESCO, at Zoom Torino’s Petra Amphitheatre. You are also welcome to witness and admire the antics of the zoo’s more than 30 species of nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey as they showcase their hunting techniques at the Petra Amphitheatre.

Hippo in Zoom Torino Zoo
Hippo Underwater

While hippopotamuses are among the most popular animals one looks for on a visit to the local zoo, the hippos of Zoom Torino promise to exceed your expectations. Meet Lisa and Ze Maria, Zoom Torino’s legendary hippo couple who reside in this recreation of Lake Malawi’s ecosystem. Hippo Underwater is Italy’s first habitat that showcases these huge animals underwater surrounded by more than 2,000 tropical fish. Experience the fascinating delight of being a part of this vibrant underwater world as you peek in through the large glass windows. Learn about what hippos do when they spend most of their time underwater and witness the vibrant world of marine creatures with Zoom Torino entrance tickets.

Giraffe in Zoom Torino Zoo
Serengeti Savannah

Zoom Torino entrance tickets offer you a never-heard-before opportunity to explore the magic of the African Savannah right in Italy, at the Serengeti Savannah. In a one-of-a-kind experience, visitors to Serengeti Savannah get the exhilarating opportunity to travel through this recreation of the African wild on foot. As you embark on this mind-blowing safari adventure, discover the numerous species that can be found in the same habitat, ranging from giraffes to gazelles. Come in close quarters to ostriches, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, and even rhinoceroses as you walk through this unique habitat, and witness first-hand what wildlife looks like in an African savannah land.

Tiger Temple
Tiger Temple

Purchasing tickets for Zoom Torino Zoo gets you access to the Tiger Temple, a habitat that recreates the Indian connection of temples and tigers in an Italian zoo. This was the first habitat curated at Zoom Torino and is inspired by an ancient Indian temple structure that is inhabited and protected by three young tigers. A special feature of the Tiger Temple is the large pools of water that surround the temple complex, giving the mysterious vibe of an old abandoned temple. Witness the tigers prowl around their temple and swim in the calm waters of the pools as they protect their refuge from invaders.

Penguins in the bay of penguins section in zoom torino zoo
The Bay of Penguins

If you wish to meet the adorable penguins that supposedly only live in the Antarctic, your tickets for Zoom Torino Zoo would fulfil your wish. Zoom Torino offers you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with a colony of African Penguins at the Bay of the Penguins habitat. A stunning recreation of the renowned Cape Town Beach, visitors get to walk right next to the penguins on a long walkway as they swim under the waters. The walkway covers the entire beach and also has boulders like the original beach, where you can click pictures as you meet the 65 cute inhabitants of the habitat.

Manakara’s Otters
Manakara’s Otters

One of the most adorable little animals you would get to witness with your Zoom Torino entrance tickets are the otters of Manakara at the Manakara’s Otters habitat. Inspired and curated based on a large hollow tree trunk, the habitat has three massive glass windows for visitors to peek inside the space and get a glimpse into the lives of the wild inhabitants. Apart from otters, you could also catch sights of the deadly green python and the dangerous boa from Madagascar. While the usual views include visions of the ground where the otters walk, rest, and feed, there is also the option of watching underwater views as the otters play and swim.

Madagascar in Zoom Torino Zoo

When you hear Madagascar, the first idea is either of the original massive wild island off the coast of Africa or the famous animation movie. Tickets to Zoom Torino Zoo offer you access to the best of both worlds at Madagascar, Zoom Torino’s most articulated habitat. The habitat has been curated inspired by the original island and has a lake with two islands at the centre, two peninsulas that detach from the lake’s borders, and a greenhouse that houses tropical plants. Meet some of Madagascar’s most famous wild inhabitants, the lemurs whose five species reside here, along with two species of pelicans, a flamingo colony, and Seychelles tortoises.

Asian Jungle
Asian Jungle

The largest of all habitats that you can access with your tickets for Zoom Torino Zoo is the Asian Jungle, which spreads over a whopping area of 10,000 square metres. The habitat has been curated inspired by the Asian island of Sumatra, which is a mind-boggling illustration of natural biodiversity. A wooden walkway stands across a vast lake, strolling on which you can meet the numerous inhabitants of this habitat. Spot the siamang gibbon family of Queenia, Kiang, and their two kids as they languish on the lake’s shores with other wild residents like red pandas, antelopes, cranes, porcupines, and numerous deer species.

Activities in Zoom Torino Zoo

People watching Rhino in Zoom Torino Zoo
Encounters with Biologists

Your Zoom Torino entrance tickets include one of the special offerings of the zoo, which is a chance to meet and interact with the talented biologists of the zoo. The keepers share their knowledge about the animals and their habitats at several meetings, sometimes up to 20, held throughout the day. Witness them feed African penguins and learn more about your favourite animals from these friendly keepers.

An Amphitheatre Bird Show
An Amphitheatre Bird Show

Witness a stunning bird show at the Petra Amphitheatre with your tickets for Zoom Torino Zoo. From black-breasted eagles and vultures to owls, steppe eagles, marabou storks, and many other diurnal and nocturnal birds, watch them all at this incredible display of the ancient art of falconry. 30 different species of birds would fly over your heads, showcase spectacular tricks and their massive wingspan as they whoosh fast and land on the arms of their handlers.

Birds in the Zoom Torino Zoo at night
Safari at Night

An unmissable wildlife experience awaits you at the Night Safari when you book your Zoom Torino entrance tickets. Discover the beauty of Zoom Torino’s habitats and their wild residents after the sun sets as you enjoy traditional African dance and music. Walk along a Jungle Book-inspired luminous sensory path as you experience nature in a never-seen-before avatar in this African jungle.

Zebras and Hippo Sleeping
Savannah Terrace

Among the latest innovations that you can experience with your Zoom Torino entrance tickets is the Savannah Terrace. Lounge in the comfort of a beautifully furnished terrace with your loved ones as you gaze at the African Savannah of Zoom Torino. Meet giraffes and spot other residents of the habitat as you relish your breakfast five metres up in the air or enjoy a cocktail in the evening hours.

Pancakes Zoom Torino Zoo
Restaurants at Zoom Torino

Zoom Torino entrance tickets provide you access to two amazing restaurants on the zoo premises, the Ombiasy Restaurant and the Mr Jiang Restaurant. Relish traditional local cuisine as well as international delicacies at the Ombiasy Restaurant, while Mr Jiang Restaurant offers delicious options like hot dogs and kebabs that would wreak havoc on your taste buds. Remember to show your Green Pass when you head for dining at the restaurants.

Sunbathing at Zoom Torino

What makes Zoom Torino Zoo different from other zoos is its unique addition of beaches on its premises. Choose from the two Zoom Torino beaches, namely Malawi Beach and Boulder Beach, or head to the solarium of the zoo’s swimming pools to sit back and relax. Rent umbrellas and other beach equipment provided with your tickets for Zoom Torino Zoo for your quick vacation.

For the Little Ones
Kids Zone at Zoom Torino

If animals aren’t enough to keep your little ones entertained, Zoom Torino entrance tickets offer your kids an adventurous retreat at the zoo’s play areas. From discovering exhilarating jungle tracks to enjoying an elephant slide, let your young ones run amok at the numerous fun swings, slides, and even suspension bridges. The play areas are fully safe so that your kids can unleash their adventurous side without hesitation.

Plan Your Visit

Essential Information
How to reach
Zoom Torino Zoo

Location: Street Piscina, 36, 10040 Cumiana TO, Italy.Timings: The Zoom Torino Zoo is open from Fridays to Mondays from 10 AM to 6 PM. If you wish to explore the Night Safari, it is open till 11 PM.

Best time to visit: The best time to utilise your Zoom Torino entrance tickets is during the early hours after the park opens. You can avoid the afternoon crowds and also get ample time to witness all that the zoo has to offer its visitors. It is recommended that you plan your day so that you can devote around six to eight hours to exploring Zoom Torino.


Are we allowed to feed the animals inside Zoom Torino Zoo?

    Feeding animals inside the Zoom Torino Zoo is not allowed. All zoo animals are provided with a certain diet according to their nutritional needs, and feeding them outside food might prove harmful to their health, hence the restriction on feeding animals with your Zoom Torino entrance tickets.

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