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With your Taipei Zoo ticket, you can head to the largest zoo in Asia and take a fun-filled and thrilling exploration tour of its 8 outdoor and 6 indoor display areas. You can get up close with Formosan Animals, Tropical Rainforest animals, Desert Animals, African Animals, Temperate Zone Animals, domesticated animals, and birds at the outdoor enclosures of the zoo. At the indoor enclosures of the zoo you can spot Tropical Rainforest animals, penguins, koalas, giant pandas, a wide variety of Amphibians and Reptiles, and many insects.

The ticket price includes the entrance fee and the internal shuttle train/ bus fee. For a comfortable and convenient tour of the park, you are recommended to book your Taipei Zoo ticket online in advance. Pre-booking your Taipei Zoo entrance ticket will not only offer you early skip-the-line access, but will also make your trip affordable with exciting deals and discounts.

Outdoor Display Areas Of Taipei Zoo

Formosan Animal Area

The Formosan Animal Area is home to the indegenous animals of Taiwan, including Chinese pangolin, Asiatic black bear, Eurasian Otter, Formosan serow, and Leopard cat. This area of the zoo also showcases themes on environmental education and wildlife conservation, which you can see with your Taipei Zoo ticket.

Children's Zoo

If you are visiting the zoo with your little ones, you are recommended to visit the Children’s Zoo with your Taipei Zoo ticket. In this part of the zoo, you can spot a plethora of domesticated animals, such as ponies, rabbits, Lanyu pig, meerkat, chinchilla, and alpacas.

Tropical Rainforest Area

The Tropical Rainforest Area hosts the environmental conditions of the Southeast Asian and South American rainforests. Some of the creatures spotted here include crab-eating mongoose, Asian elephant, Bornean Orangutan, and Bengal tiger. During your visit to the Tropical Rainforest Area, you can also learn about the significance of rainforests and their conservation.

Desert Animal Area

The dry Desert Animal area of the Taipei Zoo houses a broad spectrum of drought-resistant animals, such as the Bactrian Camel, Dromedary Camel, African Wild Ass, and Addax.

Australian Animal Area

As the name of the zone suggests, the Australian Animal Area of the Taipei Zoo is home to various animals that are native to Australia. Some of the commonly spotted animals in this area include gray kangaroos, emus, and southern cassowaries.

African Animal Area

Spread across an area of more than 6 hectares, the African Animal Area shelters African animals as well as mixed species. During the daytime, animals gather at the pond to drink water and relax in the shade of the nearby trees. In the evening, the grass-eating animals can be seen grazing, while the lions can be spotted resting under the trees. Visit the African Animal Area with your Taipei Zoo ticket and keep an eye open to animals like gorillas, Somali giraffes, Pygmy hippopotamus, and African elephants.

Temperate Zone Animal Area

One of the most interesting areas to see with your Taipei Zoo ticket, the Temperate Zone Animal Area houses animals from the temperate regions of the world. Some of the animals that can be commonly spotted in this area of the zoo include wild horses, lesser pandas, and lynx.

Bird World

Spanning over a vast area of 4 hectares, the Bird World is home to 1200 birds from 130 distinct species. Some of the fascinating birds that you can spot here with your Taipei Zoo ticket include pheasants, storks, and parrots.

Indoor Display Areas Of Taipei Zoo

Tropical Rainforest Area (Pangolin Dome)

Spread across a vast area of 15793.32 meter square, the Tropical Rainforest Area hosts the theme of the Amazon Basin in South America. In addition to pangolins, this area of the Taipei Zoo also houses cotton-top tamarin, blue-cheeked bee eater, Linnaeu’s two-toed sloth, and aye-aye.


Lying in a small valley, the two-story insectarium building offers a deep insight of the origin and evolution of insects. While you are here, you can spot a variety of fascinating insects, such as Papilio Memnon heronus, Anax panybeus, Eight-stared Beetle, Tsuda Phasmid, Large Tree Nymph, and Luchi Blue Spotted Milkweed Butterfly.

Amphibian and Reptile House

One of the most fascinating indoor display areas to see with the Taipei Zoo entrance ticket is the Amphibian and Reptile House. It is a two-story building, sheltering more than 90 distinct species of reptiles and amphibians. Some of the commonly sighted animals here include Eastern blue-tongued Skink, Indian star tortoise, Aldabra giant tortoise, Green Tree Python, Taipei Green Tree Frog, and Ball Python.

Penguin House

As the name suggests, the Penguin House is home to different species of penguins. Presently, the area has two species of penguins - the king penguins and Jackass penguins. While you are here, you can see the penguins swimming and wandering around in groups.

Koala House

The most lovable Australian natives, the koalas are kept in this area of the zoo. The first two koalas were brought to the Taipei Zoo from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Later, after a year, two more were brought down to the zoo from the same sanctuary.

Education Center

Officially named as the ‘Animal Ecology and Dinosaur Museum’, the Education Center not only features a number of interesting exhibits, but also houses a children’s museum, an auditorium, and a zoo library. The exhibition topics at the Education center include Asian Animals Education Center, Prehistoric Animals Education Center, Natural Ecology Conservation Education Center, Lin Wang / Asian Elephant Exhibition Education Center, and Taipei Zoo History.

Xinguang Special Exhibit House (Giant Panda House)

The Xinguang Special Exhibit House shelters the giant pandas and features two indoor display areas and one outdoor display area. Packed with a variety of rocks, shady areas, climbing structures, a waterfall, and a pond, the outdoor enclosure flaunts the natural habitat of the giant panda. The indoor enclosures are health-centric AC display areas.

Plan Your Visit

Essential Information
How To Reach
Best Time to Visit
Things to Know Before You Go


  • Zoo hours: Open from 9 AM to 5 PM (Last entry at 4 PM). Remains closed on the Chinese New Year's Eve (31 January 2022) and late June (From 20 June to 30 June 2022).

  • Indoor & Outdoor Animals Exhibit: 9 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Panda House: Remains closed on the first Monday of every month

  • Pangolin Dome: Remains closed on the second Monday of every month

  • Penguin House: Remains closed on the second Monday of every month

  • Insectarium: Remains closed on the fourth Monday of every month

  • Amphibian & Reptile House: Remains closed on the third Monday of every month

  • Eco-House: Remains closed on every Monday

  • Education Center: Remains closed on every Monday


No. 30, Section 2, Xinguang Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11656

Public Transportation

Buses: You can take a bus and alight at Taipei Zoo Stop. Available bus services include 236, 237, 282, 294, 295, 611, 676, 679, 793, 933, S12, BR3, BR6, BR11, BR15, BR18, BR21, G1, 1501, 1503, 1558.MRT: You can board the MRT Wenshan-Neihu Line and alight at Taipei Zoo Station.

By CarYou can take a car to the Taipei Zoo, driving through the National Freeway No.1 Chungshan Highway and National Freeway No.3 Second Northern Highway.

The best time to visit the Taipei Zoo is on weekdays and early in the day on weekends and during holidays. These are the times when the zoo has comparatively lesser crowds and you can enjoy a peaceful tour

  • Guided and audio tours are available for visitors at the Taipei Zoo. So, you can easily upgrade your Taipei Zoo entrance ticket.

  • The zoo is packed with a number of facilities for visitors including, secure lockers, restaurants, and gift shops.

  • Most parts of the Taipei Zoo are facilitated with wheelchair access and wheelchairs are readily available at the Tourist Information Center.

  • Smoking, eating, and drinking inside the premises of the zoo is strictly prohibited.

  • Flash photography is not allowed at certain exhibits of the zoo.

  • Consider wearing long pants and long sleeves to avoid insect bites and remember to carry insect repellant.


What is Taipei Zoo best known for?

The Taipei Zoo is best known for its interesting and interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits, all of which can be explored with the Taipei Zoo entrance ticket.

Is Taipei Zoo worth visiting?

Yes, Taipei Zoo is totally worth visiting as you get to get up close with a wide variety of animals from across the globe, and you also get to learn about their origin, evolution, habitat, lifestyle, and conservation.

How long is the visit to Taipei Zoo?

You need at least 2 to 3 hours to visit the Taipei Zoo and explore all the interesting indoor and outdoor exhibits with your Taipei Zoo ticket.

Where can I book Taipei Zoo Tickets?

You can book the Taipei Zoo entrance ticket online from our website in advance for a convenient and hassle-free trip.

Do I need to book Taipei Zoo in advance?

Yes, you are recommended to book the Taipei Zoo entrance ticket in advance. Booking your slot in advance will let you skip the line of entry and head directly into the zoo. It will also keep you from the worries of tickets being sold out for your preferred date and time. Furthermore, you can even get instant discounts when booking your Taipei Zoo ticket online. Not to forget, making online reservations will also keep you backed up with dedicated customer support throughout your visit to ensure a convenient and hassle-free tour.

What is the best time to visit the Taipei Zoo?

The best time to visit the Taipei Zoo is on weekdays and early in the day on weekends and during holidays. During these times, the zoo has comparatively lesser crowds and you can enjoy a peaceful tour with your Taipei Zoo ticket.


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