About Perth Zoo Tickets

  • Use Perth Zoo tickets to see more than 1258 uncommon varieties of animals like gigantic elephants, Sumatran tigers, and gibbons.

  • Explore 41 acres of zoo and have a chance to witness 164 Asian Rainforest animal species.

  • Enjoy a fun family outing with your children as they participate in numerous entertaining games on the playground with Perth Zoo tickets.

  • Get a close look at some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet like orangutans, rhinoceros, koalas and Galapagos tortoises.

  • Sign up for a free guided walking tour in your Perth Zoo tickets across the Perth Zoo to learn more about the diverse fauna inhabiting the zoo.

  • Participate in the Zoo Close Encounters program and feed some of the zoo animals which is included in your Perth Zoo tickets .

  • Ride the eight-seater zebra-themed electric cars as they give one-hour guided excursions across the Zoo.

Animals at Perth Zoo

Frog in Perth Zoo

Cane Toads, Green Tree Frogs, and Splendid Tree Frogs are among the amphibians found at Perth Zoo. Cane toads, also known as Giant toads and Marine toads, are native to Australia and are recognized for their enormous size. Splendid Tree Frogs are another well-known Australian frog species that may be identified by its distinctive poison gland.

Parrot in Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo tickets allow you to get up close and personal with a wide range of distinctive Australian species, such as Australian pelicans, penguins, Australasian shovelers, Baudin's cockatoos, beautiful black swans, emu, blue-billed ducks, and black-necked storks. Aside from unique Australian bird species, there are also European, American, African, and Asian birds such as black-winged stilts and glossy ibis.


With Zoo tickets Perth, you can watch and learn more about a variety of invertebrates such as the scorpion, spiny leaf insects, and Australian tarantula. While scorpions are known for their crab-like claws and the poisonous sting at the tail tip, the Australian tarantulas are distinct bird-eating spiders endemic to the country and characterised by their hairy heavyweight bodies.

Meerkat in Perth Zoo

Perth zoo is home to a large number of rare mammals, including the critically endangered Sumatran tiger, the smallest subspecies of tigers and superb swimmers. In addition to the Sumatran tiger, Perth Zoo tickets allow you to witness the endangered Asian elephant, African-painted dogs, numbats, golden lion tamarin, Javan gibbon, sun bears, Ring-tailed lemur, and many more.

Reptile in Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo also harbours a number of reptile species and plays an essential role in the protection of endangered Australian Mertens Water Monitor. Some other reptiles that you can check out with your Perth zoo tickets include the Galapagos Tortoise, Komodo Dragon, Olive Python, Black-headed Python, Corn Snake, Dugite, and Freshwater Crocodile.

Things to Do at Perth Zoo

Deer in Perth Zoo
Enjoy Close Encounters with Wild Animals

Perth Zoo entry tickets grant you a rare opportunity to experience close ‘eye to eye’ encounters with exotic creatures from the wild. While some close encounters, such as those with giraffes, rhinoceros, bush buddies, orangutans, and dingoes, occur regularly, encounters with other animals like penguins and Galapagos tortoises take place seasonally.

People watching Rhino in Zoom Torino Zoo
Be a Keeper of Primates or Savannah

In this program, you may volunteer to be a Savannah or primate keeper and spend time interacting with and learning about each species. There are various exciting activities you may participate in as part of this enjoyable session, spanning from preparing meals for them to hand-feeding them their favourite food items.

Orangutan Perth Zoo
Discover the Zoo’s glorious past through the Heritage Trail

Opened to the public in the 19th century, Perth Zoo has been a witness to several important historical events such as World War II and the Great Depression. Turn back the clock by taking part in the interesting Heritage Trail, which will uncover the past secrets of the centre and enlighten you about its glorious past.

Giraffe in Perth Zoo
Holiday activities and events

Perth Zoo, in addition to having permanent exhibits, regularly organises events on special occasions to thrill its guests. "Boo at the Zoo" and "Happy Zoo Year" are two of the most popular holiday activities held here. On Mother's and Father's Day also a number of entertaining activities are organised every year to interest visitors of all age groups.

Perth Zoo Shop

Zoo tickets Perth not only gives you entry to the different displays at the zoo, but also lets you shop for a variety of fascinating products at the gift store Zonnique. Art works, informative books, t-shirts, toys, and other wildlife-inspired gift products are available here for people of all ages.

Zebra Car Tour
Zebra Car Tour

With your Perth Zoo tickets, get a one-hour guided tour of the whole park in a super convenient and fun Zebra car ride. These eight-seater electric cars are inspired by the zebra stripes and can be easily located as they travel across the zoo educating guests about the zoo and the animals residing there.

History of Perth Zoo

Bear in Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo opened its gates for the public on 17 October 1898 under its first Director, Ernest Le Souef. Initially, the zoo housed displays of reptiles, bears, guinea pigs, birds, monkeys and mammals with a total of around 488 creatures only. Soon after its opening, thousands of tourists flocked to the zoo not only because of its spectacular displays but also for its splendid gardens. In fact, just after nine months of its inauguration, the zoo reached its record number of visitors amounting to 53,000. Since its inception, Perth Zoo has remained a popular centre for social recreation hosting a variety of events and activities throughout the year. In its over 120 years of existence, Perth Zoo has evolved from an entertainment and attraction site to one of the greatest venues to educate, protect, and encourage wildlife conservation. Today, it is home to over 1258 rare animal species and draws visitors from all over the world.

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Giraffe in Perth Zoo
  • Timings: Perth Zoo is open for visitors everyday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

  • Location: 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia


Is Perth Zoo worth visiting?

    Yes, the Perth Zoo is a must-see, especially for families with little children. It is home to over 1258 unique animal species and organises a range of events and activities for people of all ages.

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