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You can find various animal species at the Colchester Zoo, from large savannah cats to tropical fish that live on coral reefs. Each species has a unique habitat, so if you visit the sun bears, you might see them playing on their inside climbing structure, or you might see the orangutans in their forest's treetops! Colchester Zoo tickets can transport you into the realm of lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs if you adore the mysticism of big cats. If you're looking for something with a little less bite, make sure to check out the monkeys in the zoo.

Swing over to see the chimpanzees before you leave as there are plenty of baboons, lemurs, tamarins, and other apes there. It's reasonable to say that any animal enthusiast will discover a creature during their trip that they fall in love with. You hold the power to enter the animal kingdom if you have a ticket for Colchester Zoo. Colchester Zoo is home to a variety of habitats, including the African plain, Kingdom of the Wild, which is home to white rhino, giraffes, ostriches, zebras, and kudu, as well as the humid habitat for our Komodo Dragons which you and your family can see using colchester zoo family ticket.

Must-See Animals at Colchester Zoo

Bears of the Rising Sun

In September 2010, Colchester Zoo welcomed two sun bears. Government Anti-Poaching Patrols in Cambodia seized both bears in 2007 and 2008, respectively. To ensure that sun bears have a home that meets all of their physical and behavioral demands and that offers a fascinating and diverse habitat, a lot of work, money, and thinking went into creating their contemporary enclosure which you can see with Colchester Zoo tickets.

Call of the Wild

Visit a pack of Grey wolves living in The Call of the Wild using your Colchester Zoo tickets. The ancestor of all domestic dogs, grey wolves are highly gregarious and clever creatures. They frequently roam in groups of 5 to 10 people in the wild. The alpha male and alpha female are the pack leaders, they are the only creatures that reproduce

Edge of Africa

The Edge of Africa portion is in the zoo's lower part which you can see using your tickets for Colchester zoo. Cheetahs, spotted hyenas, mandrills, red river hogs, warthogs, and other smaller African species can be found in this area. They've had past successful pregnancies with their Spotted hyena, and they hope to be able to support the conservation of this species in captivity. They also have a successful cheetah breeding pair that is a part of the European breeding programme (EEP).

Feathers of the Forest

The magnificent Victoria capped pigeon and their new neighbors, the Crested wood partridge, are housed in this walkthrough exhibit which can be seen using tickets for Colchester zoo. Visitors can travel through the walkthrough and get a close-up look at the birds while also admiring their vivid colors. Next to Cherry-crowned mangabeys, this exhibit is situated close to the lower viewing area for "Bears of the Rising Sun." Another self-sufficient enclosure with a biomass boiler that contributes to their "green zoo" is Feathers of the Forest.

Kingdom of the Wild

Visit one of Colchester Zoo's most striking displays, Kingdom of the Wild, is home to several different African animals with your Colchester Zoo tickets. You can observe mixed herds of greater kudu, white rhino, maneless zebras, reticulated giraffes, and ostriches in the main paddock, which they have re-created to look like a Savannah. Their pygmy hippos, as well as different reptiles, crustaceans, and fish species, are kept indoors. The observation balcony at the kingdom offers a beautiful view of the outside pasture as well. This is the ideal spot to kick back, unwind, and see African animals.

Nature Area

The natural environment is intended to serve as home away for every species conserved in the area which you can watch using Colchester Zoo Tickets. Numerous "wildlife homes," including bug hotels, bat boxes, and bird nest boxes, are present to aid in luring various species to the region to live and breed. When necessary, the site's themed bird hide can be divided into two parts to create a general viewing area and a separate classroom for classroom discussions and visitor activities. A platform for pond dipping has been developed, and it is now promoting pond dipping activities to schools.

Rajang's Forest

Tiga, male orangutan, as well as two newest female additions, Tatau and her mother Mali, reside in Rajang's Forest. Learn more about the arrival of Mali and Tatau with Colchester Zoo Tickets. The region is also home to a variety of Asian fish and reptiles, including the Asian giant pond turtle, a species of freshwater turtle. The enclosure was given a new name in honor of Rajang, a beloved orangutan who tragically went away in 2018. In the wild, orangutans are critically endangered.

Walking Giants

See the two of the four largest tortoise species in the world, the African spurred and Aldabra giant, that can be found in the Walking Giants habitat with Colchester Zoo tickets. Their house has both an inside space for chilly days and a sizable outdoor space for hot days when they enjoy basking in the sun. The largest type of tortoise in Asia, giant tortoises have a maximum length of 60 cm and can live for well over a century.

Wilds of Asia

In the Wilds of Asia section, which offers both indoor and outdoor viewing options for a variety of animals, from Red pandas to their Burmese python, are numerous rare and endangered Asian species. The indoor Wilds of Asia walkthrough exhibit also has a number of species, ranging in size from small and scaly to huge and fluffy. With their expansive underwater viewing, you may marvel at the majestic Burmese python as it explores their pool area and learn all there is to know about the lion-tailed macaque family, the rarest of the macaques with your tickets for Colchester zoo.

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Opening Hours : 9:30 AM- 5:00 PM (Except for Christmas)

Location Maldon Rd, Heckfordbridge, Colchester CO3 0SL, UK

  • By Car - Just south of Colchester is where you'll find Colchester Zoo. Utilizing the new Stanway Western Bypass, take the A1124 exit (Junction 26) from the main A12. Follow the brown elephant signs.

  • Train - Colchester Main Train Station may be easily accessible through the Lowestoft or Norwich networks to Ipswich and then on to Colchester, or it can be reached from Liverpool Street services from London in under an hour. The trip to Colchester Zoo takes only ten minutes by cab or bus.

  • Bus - All bus routes that stop at Colchester Bus Station frequently link with route 75, which goes to Maldon or Tiptree and Colchester Zoo.

  • The main entrance, ticket gates, Guest Services and Experiences Reception, and onward access into the zoo's main grounds are all level with lowered ticket desks.

  • The personnel at Guest Services have received autism-friendly training, and there are loop systems installed in every register and counter.

  • All restroom facilities at Colchester Zoo and in our cafes are accessible to those with disabilities.

  • For individuals who require further assistance, a designated Changing Places changing facility is offered at the restrooms close to the meerkat enclosure.

  • For customers with allergies, a complete list of ingredients is provided in all of our restaurants and catering facilities.


Is Colchester Zoo worth visiting?

Colchester is surely a zoo worth visiting with a lot of animal species and special habitat being created for them to survive there. Doesn't matter if you are an animal lover or not Colchester zoo will keep you on your toes to explore the most stunning sides of the zoo.

How long is needed at Colchester Zoo?

Colchester Zoo is a massive zoo with a lot of attractions thus it will at least take you an entire day to explore the whole zoo.

What is the best time to visit the Zoo in Colchester?

The best time to visit the Zoo is early in morning when the animals are all energetic and enthusiastic. Visiting the morning has other benefits such as at that time the care-takers are little less worked up and can answer all your queries regarding the animals in a better way possible.

Where can I book Colchester Zoo Tickets?

You can book Colchester Zoo tickets online from our website at the comfort of assured benefits. You will get the maximum discounts of your every booking with various offers.

Do I need to book Colchester Zoo Tickets in advance?

It is recommended to book the Colchester Zoo tickets in advance in order to avoid last minute disappointments and rush at the ticket counter.

Is Colchester Zoo wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Colchester Zoo is wheelchair accessible, in fact all restroom facilities at Colchester Zoo and in our cafes are accessible to those with disabilities.


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