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Mysore zoo tickets will let you enter one of the oldest zoos in India and the most popular second visited attractions. Popular Mysore zoo was actually named as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Park which has a long history of 120 long years. With more than 1450 specimens belonging to 168 species in natural enclosures. The zoo includes various Indian species like Black Buck, Guidons and the only zoo to have Gorilla. Mysore Zoo tickets pricing are different on weekends, weekdays and that on holidays. Children below five years old are for free. For carrying extra electronic devices like cameras, tickets include additional charges. There are charges for parking your vehicles for a limited period of time like 4 hours a day etc.

Why visit Mysore Zoo

Lion at Mysore Zoo

Mysore zoo connects visitors to animals through exemplary welfare care and best educational experiences. It is popular for its meticulous planning, conservation of endangered species, housing exotic animals around the globe and creating a natural world for captive animals. You will experience the educational conservation practices of waste management and water harvesting systems.

With Mysore Zoo Tickets, you will get to know how a self-sustaining zoo rehabilitates wild animals. Mysore zoo has its own special exhibits representing species from more than 25 countries. Wild animals like Black Buck, Baboon , Orangutans are found here whereas it is the only zoo to have Gorillas as well. Being located in the heart of the city Mysore it is accessible to tourists through any transportation. The zoo also arranges special educational programs every year for physically challenged and specially challenged people.

Interesting Facts about Mysore Zoo

  • The Popular Mysore Zoo is actually named as Shri Chamarajendra Botanical Gardens as this is the person who plays a crucial role in the development of the zoo.

  • It is the only zoo that includes Gorilla and three types of Rhinos in their lists of Exotic species.

  • The zoo has been there since 1892 and already celebrated its golden jubilee in 1992 which termed it as an era old.

  • Its main objective is cross breeding which many others also undertake in their practices.

  • The zoo has the highest number of elephants in the house as compared to other locations.

Know Before you Go

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How To Reach
Lioness in Mysore Zoo, India

Location: Zoo Main Road, Indira Nagar, Ittige Gudu, Mysuru, Karnataka 570010. 3 kms away from the Mysore bus stand and 2 kms from Mysore palace.

Timings: Mysore zoo entry timings for all the days including weekends is 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. The zoo remains closed on Tuesdays and on national government holidays.


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