Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Tickets

About Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Tickets

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets include admission to the zoo, its exhibit zones, guided tours, and behind-the-scenes experiences. The ticket also provides a free one-day entry into the Zoombezi Bay. With these tickets, you can explore different wildlife habitats from around the world like lush green forests, rocky coastline, swamps, grasslands and deserts. You can spot and learn about animals from all around the world like Asian elephants, African bonobos, Arctic ice bears, Australian kangaroos and different varieties of aquatic animals. For each entry ticket sold, an additional 1$ will be added to the ticket rate to support the zoo’s local and global conservation projects. The zoo also offers great discounts and deals on the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium ticket prices for its members. Groups of 25 people or more visiting the zoo can also avail special price cuts on the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets.

Why Visit Columbus Zoo and Aquarium?

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a recreational as well as an educational destination that aims at connecting people and wildlife. Located near Powell in Ohio to the north of the city of Columbus, the zoo is a huge complex that houses more than 10,000 different animals representing 800 distinct species. These animals from all around the world are nurtured and cared for in eight different exhibit zones designed like their natural habitats. The zoo is a global attraction with a world-famous reputation thus attracting around 2.3 million visitors every year. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium also houses a vast 22-acre Zoombezi Water Park and an 18-hole Safari Golf Course for recreational purposes. It also has a renowned conservation centre, The Wilds, which raises funds to support conservation projects worldwide. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets include access to all the exhibits of the zoo where you can see animals, aquatic species and birds native to different parts of the world like Asia, Africa, North America, Congo, and Australia. The zoo complex also has a plenty of rides and attractions for kids in all exhibit zones to enjoy a close contact with the wildlife.

Explore Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Adventure Cove

Adventure Cove is the newest of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium exhibits that is themed like the rocky coast of Pacific Northwest for the sea lions and seals. It also features 50 different species of animals at Jack Hanna’s Animal Encounters Village and numerous stingrays at The Stingray Bay.

Asia Quest

Explore Asia’s diverse habitats from the mighty Himalayas to the cold Amur River Valley and witness a plethora of endangered animals at the Asia Quest Zone. You can see Asian elephants, red pandas, Amur tigers, pythons, sloth bears and pheasants at the aviary with your Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets.

Australia and the Islands

Embark on a journey through the lush forests of Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia at the Australia and the Islands zone. You can go on a thrilling Dinosaur Island Boat ride and encounter kangaroos, koalas, gibbons and orangutans on the way. You can also see colourful lorikeets at the Lorikeet Garden.

Congo Expedition

The Congo Expedition is one of the exciting Columbus Zoo and Aquarium exhibits that is themed like the African forest and houses animals like leopards, gorillas, bonobos, and the okapi. It also has several family-friendly attractions like The Congo Station and Wings ‘n Playthings Park with fun activities for kids and adults.

Heart of Africa

The largest region of Columbus Zoo, Heart of Africa is designed like the Mudiwa Village and Ajabu National Park and houses animals that call Africa their home. It offers unique experiences like giraffe feeding, camel riding, and cheetah run. You can walk through African savannas and see zebras, wildebeests and gazelles.

North America

Enjoy a close contact with the wildlife native to the Arctic region like Alaskan brown bears, polar bears, bald eagles and wolves at North America exhibit. The zone features My House in Habitat Hollow exhibit where you can see animal habitats like swamps, forests and deserts and also play with farm animals.

Shores and Aquarium

Discover and learn about the marine empire at the Shores and Aquarium exhibit where you can see several underwater species. You can spot manatees, penguins, Caribbean flamingo and play with a sea star at the touch pool. Visit the Reptile House and witness different reptiles like Aldabra giant tortoise and rattlesnakes.

Rides and Attractions

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets include access to many fun rides and attractions in each exhibit zone. Some of the rides in the park are Grand Carousel, Camel Encounter, Polar Playground, North American Train and Shores Play Park.

Animals at Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

African Gray Parrot

African Gray Parrot is the largest African parrot with a gray body, red tail, black bill and a yellow eye. Native to West and Central Africa, it is an endangered species whose population is decreasing due to habitat loss. African Grays are social and intelligent birds and feed on seeds, maize and nuts.

African Lion

Encounter the majestic African Lions at the Heart of Africa zone in Columbus Zoo with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets. African lions are residents of grasslands, deserts, savannas and dry forests in Africa. They feed on hoof stock and swine in the jungles and are fed raw meat and bones at the zoo.

American Alligator

American Alligators, commonly found in freshwater swamps, marshes, rivers and small bodies of water, are temperate species. They are fostered in the Shores zone of Columbus Zoo and are fed fish, rats and mice. These animals are 150 million years old and are still protected to avoid extinction.


Bonobos, the smallest species of the great apes, are found in the Congo Expedition region of the Columbus Zoo. They feature slender bodies, rounded heads with long dark hair, white tail tufts and pink lips. They are herbivores and feed on fruits, vegetables, rice, oatmeal, honey and plants.

Bornean Orangutan

Widely found in low-lying forests, the Bornean Orangutans are omnivorous mammals that rely on dense jungles. They are found in the Australia and the Islands zone at the zoo and are fed fruits, vegetables and insects. The orangutans are critically endangered species due to the destruction of tropical forests.

California Sea Lion

Witness the California Sea Lions at the Adventure Cove zone with your Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets. They are inhabitants of sandy beaches and mainland shorelines of Vancouver Island, British Columbia and Baja California. They are carnivores and feed on fishes, squids, octopuses and anchovy, salmon and lamprey.

Florida Manatee

Manatees are aquatic, warm-blooded and herbivorous mammals that are found in rivers, estuaries and canals in Florida. They are nurtured in the Shores exhibit of Columbus Zoo where they are fed lettuce, carrots, apples, bananas and cabbage. They live in brackish or fresh waters and can process different salinity in their kidneys.

Zebra Shark

Zebra Shark or Leopard Shark is a type of carpet shark that feeds primarily on small fish and invertebrates. It dwells in the w tropical areas of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean and is found close to coral reefs. It is classified as an endangered species due to deliberate capture.

Amur Tiger

Amur Tigers are inhabitants of climatic zones that have extremely cold temperatures and hence have thick layers of fur. They are commonly found in the oak and pine forests along the Amur River in Asia. The species is classified to be endangered owing to poaching and habitat loss due to logging.

Plan Your Visit

Location & TImings
How to Reach
Getting Around
What to Bring

Location: 4850 W Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065, USA

Timings:January and February: 10 AM to 4 PMMarch, October to December: 10 AM to 5 PMApril and May, September: 9 AM to 5 PMJune to August: 9 AM to 6 PM

By bus: You can avail COTA’s Zoo Bus to enjoy a safe and convenient trip to the Columbus zoo along with a discounted admission.

By car: You can either hire a cab or drive directly to the Columbus Zoo in 30 minutes.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets do not include transportation inside the zoo. Since you will have to walk a lot, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes. Wheelchairs, electric scooters, wagons and strollers are available for rent on a first come first serve basis.

  • Guests are allowed to bring outside food and beverage but alcohol is prohibited.

  • Carry your credit cards or you can withdraw cash from the ATMs available throughout the zoo.

  • Service animals are allowed but pets are refrained from entering the park.


What is special about Columbus Zoo & Aquarium?

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has more than 10,000 different animals of 800 distinct species. The zoo is a world-famous attraction that attracts around 2.3 million visitors every year. It also runs a conservation centre to raise funds for animal conservation projects.

Where can I book my Columbus Zoo & Aquarium tickets?

You can book the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium tickets online in advance on our website by mentioning the date of visit as per convenience and selecting the required ticket type. You will be sent an instant email confirmation of your tickets based on the availability.

Is food allowed in Columbus Zoo and Aquarium?

Yes, food and beverages from outside are allowed inside the aquarium. However, the zoo officials do not permit carrying glass containers, straws and alcohol considering the safety of the animals. There are several food carts and eateries inside the zoo as well that serve delicious treats from around the world.

How many types of animals are at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium?

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has eight exhibit zones that feature more than 10000 different animals across 800 distinct species.

How long does it take to walk through Columbus Zoo and Aquarium?

There are eight different Columbus Zoo and Aquarium exhibits, numerous animals, and an exclusive aquarium which will require you to spend 5 to 6 hours in the zoo.

Do I need to book Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets in advance?

It is advisable to book your Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets online prior to avoiding standing in long queues as there is a risk of running out of tickets. However, you can also book your Columbus Zoo and Aquarium tickets directly from the ticket counter at the activity location.


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