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Parque das Aves is the largest bird park in South America that is located just beside the Iguacu National Park in Foz Iguacu in Brazil. If you are a nature lover and love watching birds, then this bird park will be a paradise for you. The Parque das Aves spread over 16 hectares of the Brazilian forest and are home to more than 1300 birds belonging to more than 150 species. The bird park plays an important role in preserving the species that are on the verge of extinction. The Parque das Aves not only protects birds but various other species from extinction like snakes, fish, and other reptiles. If you visit the bird park, you will be surprised to see the natural beauty like waterfalls and fountains. The park will also surprise you with its lush vegetation around it which makes a beautiful home to all the animals in the park.

Why Visit Parque das Aves

The Parque das Aves is considered to be the largest bird park in Latin America which is located very close to the Iguazu national park. The Parque das Aves takes up the land of 16 hectares of the Brazilian forest and is known for the preservation of more than 150 species. During your visit, you will come across various rare and endangered species of birds of the Atlantic Rainforest. With your Parque das Aves tickets, you can roam around the bird park all by yourself and witness the natural beauty such as the waterfalls and natural fountains in the park. In addition to enjoying the meals at the restaurant with a view of the flamingo lake, you can see a lot of vegetation in the bird park surrounding the waterfalls and fountains. Along with birds, the bird park is also home to several reptiles species including crocodiles and boa constrictors in parts of its ponds.

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Snakes of Parque das Aves
Some Popular Snakes of Parque das Aves

The snakes of Parque das Aves are considered to be the true protectors of the national park as they maintain a balance between other species. It also helps in keeping the health of humans intact as their venom is used for various purposes. Some of the most important species of snakes are Jararaca de Murici, False Coral, Rattlesnake, and Urutu. These snakes play an important role as they balance the ecosystem.

Owl at Parque das Aves
Nocturnal Birds of Parque das Aves

With your Parque das Aves tickets you can explore two special areas where you can find nocturnal birds. The first area is called “Encantos da Noite” where you will find nocturnal birds exclusively. The second area is called the “owl wing” which houses some of the daytime birds too. Some of the birds in the park are the Uratau, a vulture that has got a great acute vision which lets it have perfect vision even in the night and Tuju, a small bird that feeds on insects by catching them mid-flight. You will also get to see owls, a small bird that reproduces at nests made by other birds instead of building their own nests, an eared owl, an owl untrue to its name that does not have ears, etc.

Atlantic Forest Birds of Parque das Aves
Atlantic Forest Birds of Parque das Aves

There are many birds you can witness with your Parque das Aves tickets but you will be shocked to know that most of those are on the verge of extinction. The Parque das Aves is responsible for preservation of some of such endangered species of birds like the red macaw, the red beautiful bird threatened by deforestation and animal attacks. Canindé macaw is one of the most severely endangered species from animal trafficking, harpy or hawk that feeds on large animals like monkeys.

Toucans of Parque das Aves
Toucans of Parque das Aves

With your Parque das Aves tickets get to witness one of the most loved birds at the national park, the toucan. You can witness three types of toucans, toucan-stump, green-billed toucan, and brown-bred race toucan. The toucans can be seen flying above the Iguacu national park and are known to “keep a watch over the surroundings”. With such observant qualities, they also give perfect pictures with their beauty and colours.

Fish at Parque das Aves
Parque das Aves Fishes

South America is known to have the richest diversity of freshwater fishes in the world with 4000 species, the majority of which reside in the Atlantic Forest. It is said that there are more than 270 species in the Atlantic Forest and even more undiscovered and unstudied species. With such a diverse population of fish, there are also many species that are threatened with extinction. Some of the endangered species of fish are Glandular Cauda caerulea, Lambari, background cleaner, and Lambari blue striped scientific.

Parrots of Parque Das Aves
Parrots of Parque Das Aves

When the Portuguese arrived in Brazil, they spotted many species of parrots and named Brazil “the Land of Parrots”. True to its name, Brazil has the largest species of parrots in the world and you can witness all of them with your Parque das Aves tickets. There are thirteen species of parrots found in Brazil, which are colourful and some of the most beautiful birds in the world. During your visit to the parrot park, you will come across a wide range of species including, Purple breasted parrots, Charon Parrots, Purple Faced Parrots, Parrot Chauá, Miller Parrot, and more.

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  • Location: Rodovia das Cataratas, 12450, Right In Front Of The Iguazu National Park, Foz do Iguaçu, PR, 85855-750

  • Timings: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


What animals are in Parque das Aves?

    They are preserved in the park like several fishes like the Lambari, birds like the red macaws, owls and parrots, and several snakes and other reptiles.

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