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The Houston Zoo tickets take you to a zoological park that spans 55 acres and is situated in Houston, Texas, in the United States. More than 6,000 animals representing over 600 species are housed in the zoo. It is the second-most frequented zoo in the US with 2.1 million visitors annually. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has granted it accreditation (AZA). "The Houston Zoo connects communities with animals, encouraging action to safeguard wildlife," reads the mission statement of the zoo. Prior to 2002, the City of Houston ran the zoo, which is now run by the nonprofit organization Houston Zoo. The Houston Zoo has almost every kind of animal species from stable, threatened to endangered. Get your zoo tickets Houston to get up close and personal with these species which are preserved in specially developed habitat for them.

Explore the African Forest Exhibit at Houston Zoo

chimpanzee in Houston Zoo

With your Houston Zoo tickets, meet the Chimpanzees interact with members of their family and people outside of their group using a variety of vocalizations, gestures, and facial expressions. Chimpanzees who "grin" are actually scared or worried. They produce a grunting noise when joyful.

giraffe in Houston Zoo
Masai Giraffe

The giraffe is the tallest mammal alive and has special adaptations that allow it to access plants that are above other species' reach. During strength tests, males establish dominance by swinging their heads at one another and interweaving their necks; on your next visit to our giraffes, you might witness this activity.

ostrich in Houston Zoo

Purchase zoo tickets Houston to see the Ostriches who are the world's biggest and heaviest birds, placing them at the top of numerous lists. Additionally, with eyes that are roughly two inches in diameter, they have the largest eyeballs of any land animal in terms of size! They lay eggs that are unmatched in size and weigh as much as two dozen chicken eggs.

Explore the Bird Exhibit at Houston Zoo

Wattled Curassow in houston zoo
Wattled Curassow

They resemble a turkey or pheasant in appearance, but in reality they are an extremely rare bird from the Amazon rainforest which you get to see with zoo tickets Houston . One of the top zoos during the past 20 years for hatching chicks and boosting the population of this endangered bird is the Houston Zoo. By inhaling stones that aid in digestion, they may consume difficult nuts and seeds on the forest floor where they graze.

Chilean Flamingo in houston zoo
Chilean Flamingo

A flamingo's pink color is a result of the minute crustaceans they consume in the wild; this is how they get their color. Chilean flamingos have bristle-like extensions on their tongues that they use to filter food and water. Flocks in the wild can have up to 10,000 birds! To ensure the survival of the babies, a flock of Chilean flamingos will all lay eggs at the same time of year.

Blue Winged Kookaburra in houston zoo
Blue-Winged Kookaburra

Until it was rediscovered in 1992, it was believed that this endangered species had vanished from the wild. With Houston Zoo tickets meet the Blue- Winged Kookaburra whose populations that are still alive are very vulnerable and dispersed. This species competes with the more prevalent blue and gold macaw for nesting locations in the wild.

Explore the Reptile and Amphibian House at Houston Zoo

AmazonMilk Frog in Houston Zoo
Amazon Milk Frog

With a weight of just 10 pounds, this otter species is the smallest. They can hunt largely with their paws and can utilize them with human-like proficiency. These creatures have lifelong monogamous partnerships. After birth, males help with food collecting and nest construction.

San Esteban Island Chuckwalla in Houston Zoo
San Esteban Island Chuckwalla

The five species of chuckwallas, the largest of which is the iguana-related chuckwalla, are threatened because of the limited range of their habitat. The Gulf of California contains the little island of San Esteban where you can spot Chuckwalla. They do not drink water, and the plants they consume provide them with all the water they require to exist. When they sneeze, salty crystals come out!

King Cobra in Houston zoo
King Cobra

Despite not being a real cobra, the snake has a hood on its neck that it can widen if it feels threatened. Instead of hissing when threatened, the king cobra creates a characteristic grumble that comes from the throat which you can observe with Houston Zoo tickets. As the cobra gets older, its grumble gets deeper.

Animal Encounters at Houston Zoo

Sloth in houston zoo
Sloth Encounter

Get together for a personal experience with one of the slowest creatures you will ever see with zoo tickets Houston. Curly's keepers are the people who know them best, so learn all you can about this exceptional sloth. You will get the chance to give the sloth his preferred treats and even take a "slothie" (a selfie with a sloth!) while you are there.

okapi in houston zoo
Okapi Encounter

Experience a one-of-a-kind interaction with one of Africa's rarest creatures using your Houston Zoo tickets. Meet Kwame ("Kwaa-mey") and Sukari ("Sue-car-e") in their habitat as you discover the giraffe's closest living relatives.

Gorilla in houston zoo
Gorilla Encounter

Enter the tree house for a close-up look at gorilla's habitat with zoo tickets Houston. Learn about the methods the international partners are using to safeguard gorillas in the wild while spending time feeding and engaging with one of the greatest apes.

Elephnat in houston zoo
Elephant Encounter

Get up and personal with an Asian elephant to observe how caretakers develop bonds with these magnificent creatures with Houston Zoo tickets. You will have the chance to feed the animals, learn about the herd, and even get up and personal with one of them for a picture that you can show your loved ones.

cheetah in houston zoo
Cheetah Encounter

Before the Zoo opens to the public, don your walking shoes and go on a morning ramble with the keepers and the Animal Ambassador cheetah using your zoo tickets Houston. Learn about the people and the work the Houston Zoo is doing to save cheetahs in the wild.

orangutan in houston zoo
Orangutan Encounter

These intelligent giants, also referred to as "man of the forest," create strong ties with their caregivers and fellow patients which you can see using your Houston Zoo tickets. During this unique, behind-the-scenes encounter, you will help deliver a delightful gift to the orangutans using a special feeding port. Learn all there is to know about the orangutan family from the people who work there.

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The Houstons Zoo opens at 9am and closes at 5:00 pm everyday ( Monday to Sunday).

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Houston Zoo is located at 6200 Hermann Park Drive Houston, TX 77030.


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    Houston Zoo is famous for having more than 800 birds representing more than 200 species, the Houston Zoo has one of the greatest collections of any US zoo.

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