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Central Park Zoo Tickets highlights

  • Enjoy your time in the 4D Theater, where on-screen visuals come to life with fragrances, FX lighting, wind, water mist, and seat vibration

  • Explore Central Park Zoo and step into the world of the Madagascar movie & see your favorite characters in person

  • Explore the zoo's three special zones: the Tropic Zone, Polar Circle, and Temperate Territory, and see over 130 species of animals

  • Book your Central Park Zoo tickets and admire the beauty of snow leopards, playful bears and acrobatic sea lions

  • Meet adorable penguins in Polar Circle, see tree snakes & playful lemurs in the Tropic Zone & look at the red pandas in Temperate Territory


Central Park Zoo
East 64th Street, New York, NY 10021, USA

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Central Park Zoo Tickets overview

Location: Central Park Zoo, East 64th Street, New York, NY, United States

Activity Timings: 

  • Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 04:30 PM

Last Admission: 30 Minutes before closing time

Activity Duration: 4 Hours (Approx.)

About Central Park Zoo:

Spread across 7 acres of land, the Central Park Zoo is one of the greatest attractions of New York. The zoo includes three themed zones featuring a variety of local and exotic animals from all over the world. Watch tropical birds, snow leopards, grizzly bears, and one of the nation’s largest colonies of Antarctic penguins. Explore Tisch Children’s Zoo, a playful activity for your kids where they can animals such as goats, sheep, and some of the world’s most unique ducks. With your Central Park Zoo tickets, visit one of the oldest wildlife parks in New York City.

About the Central Park Zoo Tickets:

  • Visit Central Park Zoo which is inspired by the popular movie "Madagascar" and divided into three zones the Tropic Zone, Polar Circle, and Temperate Territory.
  • Stroll around the Tropical Zone and watch Seba's short-tailed bats, emerald tree boas, python, Derbyan parakeets, Fischer's lovebirds, golden conures, red bird-of-paradise, and various other creatures.
  • Enjoy seeing red pandas, white-naped cranes, snow monkeys, and snow leopards in the Temperate Territory zone of the park.
  • Watch Macaroni penguins, King penguins, Chinstrap penguins, Gentoo penguins, and Tufted puffins in the chilled house which is built in the Polar Circle of the zoo.
  • Take part in penguin feeding sessions under the supervision of experts at the zoo with your family.
  • Learn more about the flora and fauna of the region including 23 species of waterfowl birds at the zoo. 
  • Book your Central Park Zoo tickets and enjoy watching 4D movies about your favourite animals at the zoo.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: The activity location is 5.8 miles from the city centre, it will take 35 min via the West St and 10th Ave route.
  • By Bus: Take a bus to 6 Av & W 57 St bus station which is 0.4 miles away from the attraction. You can reach the activity location from the station with a 9 minute walk.

Central Park Zoo Tickets faqs

Do we need to book in advance for Central Park Zoo New York tickets?

It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist season, to avoid waiting in long lines. Tickets can be purchased online through the official Central Park Zoo website or other authorized ticket vendors.

Can I choose my preferred time slot when purchasing Central Park Zoo tickets?

Yes, visitors can select their preferred time slot while purchasing tickets online. This helps to manage crowd flow and ensure a comfortable experience for all visitors.

How long are Central Park Zoo tickets valid for?

Central Park Zoo tickets are generally valid for the date and time that you select when purchasing them. However, some tickets may have specific expiration dates, such as special event tickets or tickets purchased as part of a package deal. It is recommended to check the terms and conditions of your ticket before purchasing to ensure that you are aware of any expiration dates or restrictions.

Do we have to buy separate Central Park Zoo tickets for kids?

Yes, children above the age of 3 require a separate ticket to enter Central Park Zoo. The ticket prices for children are generally lower than that of adults, and there are often special rates for groups and school trips. It is recommended to check with the official website or ticketing platform for updated information on ticket prices and age requirements for children.

Why is Central Park Zoo New York famous?

Central Park Zoo in New York is famous for being one of the most popular attractions in Central Park. It is home to over 130 species of animals from around the world. The zoo is renowned for its polar bears and sea lions, as well as its exotic birds, monkeys, and penguins. It is a popular destination for families and visitors of all ages, who can enjoy exploring the exhibits, watching animal feedings, and learning about wildlife conservation efforts. Additionally, the zoo has been featured in several movies and TV shows, adding to its popularity.

How long should one spend in Central Park Zoo?

The amount of time to spend in Central Park Zoo depends on individual preferences, but it is recommended to allocate at least 1-2 hours to explore the zoo's various exhibits and activities. Visitors can take their time to observe and learn about the different animals, attend feeding and training sessions, and enjoy the scenic views of Central Park.

What are the best things to do in Central Park Zoo?

Wharton-Smith Tropical Splash Ground - The Wharton-Smith Tropical Splash Ground provides zoo goers of all ages with a fun and easy way to cool off during the hotter months. Inside the Central Florida Zoo lies a refreshing oasis called the Wharton-Smith Tropical Splash Ground, complete with streams, sprinklers, and sprays.

Giraffe Feeding - Here at the Central Florida Zoo, our giraffes welcome visitors to get as near as they like. Their enormous size will astound you when they reach down to feed straight from your hand, their 18- to 20-inch long tongue stretching out to grab whatever tasty morsel you've offered them. 

Rhinoceros Encounters - At the zoo, you may visit with PJ, a gorgeous and critically endangered larger one-horned Indian rhino. There's only so many people who can meet the star at any given moment, so you'd better reserve your spot quickly. There are additional expenses because of this.

Explore the Botanical Garden- Marvel at the beautiful plants that flourish throughout the Central Florida Zoo. As you wander among the wildflowers, medicinal plants, and more, keep a look out for butterflies, hummingbirds, and other garden residents. 

How old is Central Park Zoo?

Central Park Zoo was first established in the 1860s, making it one of the oldest zoos in the United States. It underwent a major renovation in the 1980s and has continued to update and improve its exhibits and facilities.

What types of animals can we see in Central Park Zoo?

Central Park Zoo is home to a diverse collection of animals, including snow leopards, grizzly bears, penguins, red pandas, sea lions, and many more.

Can we feed the animals at Central Park Zoo?

Feeding the animals is generally not allowed at Central Park Zoo to ensure the safety and health of both the visitors and the animals. However, there are some exceptions where visitors can purchase special feeding experiences, such as feeding the sea lions or penguins. These experiences must be booked in advance and have additional fees. It is important to note that visitors should not attempt to feed any animals outside of these designated experiences, as it can be dangerous for both the animals and the visitors.

What are the operating hours of Central Park Zoo?

Central Park Zoo is open year-round, with hours varying by season. During the summer months, it is open from 10am to 5pm, and during the winter months, it is open from 10am to 4:30pm.

How far is Central Park Zoo from Madame Tussauds?

Central Park Zoo is located within Central Park, while Madame Tussauds is located in Times Square. The distance between the two attractions is approximately 4 miles, or a 20-minute drive.

Is Central Park Zoo wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Central Park Zoo is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available for rent at the entrance on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I click pictures inside Central Park Zoo?

Yes, photography is allowed inside Central Park Zoo for personal, non-commercial use. However, the use of tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks is prohibited.

What is the best time to visit Central Park Zoo?

The best time to visit Central Park Zoo is during the spring or fall season when the weather is pleasant and the crowds are relatively smaller. Weekdays are also a better option to avoid the crowds, especially during the summer months. The zoo opens early in the morning, so visiting during the first hour of the day can also be a good option to avoid crowds. It is recommended to check the weather forecast before visiting and plan accordingly to make the most of the visit.

Are there any parking facilities at Central Park Zoo?

There is no parking available at Central Park Zoo, but visitors can find parking options nearby in the surrounding streets or public parking garages. Using public transportation or a ride-sharing service is recommended as an alternative to driving.


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