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Overview Of Zoo Tickets

Zoos are the ultimate family hangouts that promise an enthralling wildlife adventure in the concrete jungle of your city. These places are home to numerous animals and birds brought in from places all over the country and even the world. Zoos, and the animals that reside there, have been an integral part of live entertainment since their conception many centuries ago. As humans, we have always shared a special connection with animals, one which can be experienced in the zoos of our fast-paced world.

Introduce your children to a world of wonders and awe as they meet their wild friends and learn valuable information about nature and its magical creations. From wildlife lovers to those looking for a meaningful day out, zoos are an ideal destination for having fun. Experience the true jungle vibe as you meet exotic animals and birds languishing in artificially-created ecosystems at the zoo.

Best Selling Zoo Tickets In Asia

Asia is a continent of unmatched geographical diversity, a feature that gets reflected in the splendid diversity of wildlife one can encounter here. Zoos in Asia are home to the numerous unique native wild inhabitants of the land, as well as house a wide range of animal and bird species brought in from across the world. Meet different species of lions, tigers, elephants and indigenous species like the Indian one-horned rhinoceros and Asian small-clawed otters as you walk through one of the hundreds of zoos in Asia. What makes the zoos even more popular are their enchanting interactive activities like feeding sessions and dive-in activities that bring you in close contact with the wild residents. Experience the magic of a no-cage zoo at some of Asia’s most prominent wildlife landmarks. While you can look out for a truly immersive experience at the zoos nearest to you wherever you are in Asia, a few of the continent’s top zoos have been listed for you.

Best Selling Zoo Tickets In Europe

Europe has the maximum number of zoos in the topmost positions throughout the world and accounts for almost half of the world’s total zoos. From boasting of being the centre of the world’s oldest surviving zoo, the Tiergarten Schoenbrunn of Vienna which dates back to the eighteenth century, to having top-tier zoos spread in all directions on the continent, Europe’s zoos guarantee visitors a splendid once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience. The best zoo ticket deals promise to take your breath away by providing you access to the carefully-curated natural habitats and unique interactive shows at the zoos that would leave you spellbound. Meet hundreds of species of indigenous and foreign animals and birds, like bears, wolves, bison, reindeer, orangutans, polar bears, eagles, and so many more with your loved ones at these European zoos. Learn about the natural lifestyle and importance of wildlife conservation as you fall in love with the adorable wild inhabitants of Europe’s iconic zoos, some of which have been listed for you.

Why You Should Visit a Zoo?

  • Zoos offer visitors a golden opportunity to explore the diverse wonders of the wild in one place. Meet animals and birds belonging to varied habitats from across the world in one place.

  • Garner a treasure trove of knowledge as you witness the wild inhabitants go about their day and learn about their feeding and living habits from informative zoo guides.

  • If you are planning a day out with your family, the zoo with all its entertaining residents is a perfect choice. Zoos can charm visitors from all age groups and preferences, and even make people a wildlife lover in a single visit.

  • Most zoos offer interactive activities like petting and feeding sessions for visitors. If you are lucky enough to be in the vicinity of such zoos, don’t miss out on the exciting opportunity of interacting with wild animals up close.

  • Many zoos today are active participants in the conservation efforts for several wild species, which you can learn about and support by visiting the zoos with your loved ones.

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Which is the best zoo to visit in the world?

  • San Diego Zoo, USA – Renowned to be one of USA’s and the world’s best zoos, San Diego Zoo is home to 12,000 endangered and rare animals belonging to more than 650 species.

  • Singapore Zoo, Singapore – The Singapore Zoo mimics a rainforest and is home to more than 300 species of wildlife. A highlight is the world-famous free-ranging orangutan exhibit.

  • Tiergarten Schoenbrunn Zoo, Vienna – The oldest surviving zoo in the world, Schonbrunn has been voted as Europe’s best zoo and is among the most eye-catching zoos in the world.

  • Bronx Zoo, USA – The USA’s largest urban zoo has more than 6,000 animals surrounded by woods, streams, and parks.

  • National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Pretoria – South Africa’s largest zoo is renowned for its wildlife conservation efforts.

  • Other best zoos in the world include the Beijing Zoo of China, Sao Paulo Zoo of Brazil, Melbourne Zoo of Australia, Paris Zoo of France, and Germany’s Berlin Zoo.

Can I book my zoo tickets online?

It is recommended that you purchase your zoo tickets online. This allows you to save time and also gives you the chance to get good discounts on ticket prices. Combo package deals on tickets can also be found online, which you can purchase as per your travel plans.

Which are the best zoos in Asia?

The best zoos in Asia include the Singapore Zoo, Bali Zoo, Taipei Zoo, Beijing Zoo, Asahiyama Zoo, and Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

Which are the best zoos in Europe?

Some of Europe’s best zoos are Paris Zoo, Tiergarten Schoenbrunn Zoo, Moscow Zoo, Berlin Zoo, Barcelona Zoo, Madrid Zoo, and ZSL London Zoo.

Which are the best zoos in South America?

South America’s top zoos are the Parques das Aves, Sao Paulo Zoo, Gramado Zoo of Brazil, and the Temaiken of Argentina.

Which are the best zoos in North America?

North America has some of the world’s best zoos, including San Diego Zoo, Bronx Zoo, St. Louis Zoo, Henry Doorly Zoo, Smithsonian Zoo, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and Toronto Zoo.

Which are the best zoos in Australia?

Australia’s unique wildlife can be experienced at its world-class zoos like Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo, Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome, Australia Zoo, Taronga Zoo, and Wildlife Sydney.

Which are the best zoos in Africa?

African wildlife can be found in the continent’s vast wilderness and its renowned zoos like the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Johannesburg Zoo, Lion and Safari Park, and Kumasi Zoological Gardens.

Can I get discounted zoo tickets online?

Some of the best zoo ticket deals can be found online, where you can avail of huge discounts and purchase combo packages that cover your itinerary as per your wishes and plans. It is recommended that you purchase zoo tickets online to save money and precious time.


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